about ankur

Ankur - The bridge to a joyful childhood

Reality is harsh for underprivileged children. While the Constitution decrees their right to education, the road to it is riddled with challenges. Lack of facilities, poor teaching and their inability to assimilate what’s being taught, are just a few of hurdles they are faced with. On the home front too, things are far from rosy.

Shedding the stress
Ankur, a comprehensive residential education program, was started to break this vicious cycle of poverty breeding ignorance and vice versa. Ankur works as a bridge to a haven, where they could be children again, free from their burdens of poverty and the pressure of contributing to the family’s income.

Comprehensive program
Taking full responsibility for a child is no easy matter. Yet nothing less would do if we are to change things. A novel method has been evolved where children are taken into Ankur at a very young age. The program takes complete responsibility for their physical and emotional well-being in addition to their education needs. Yet, the important parent-child bond is kept strong through regular visits.

Their future
Once they’re through with their schooling the students are guided with career counselling to make the right choices based on their ability and aspiration. It is very gratifying to know that through Ankur we are helping a growing number of youth already. And the program is expanding, spreading roots in other cities too.

The mission

To help underprivileged children overcome the handicaps they face in the educational system by providing a comfortable and hygienic home, a nurturing and character building environment, and quality education from kindergarten through high school and beyond, based on individual interests and capabilities.

our dream

To transform the lives of thousands of poor and deprived children into lives filled with health, happiness, promise and achievement.