The comfort of being well looked after


All the children and staff are medically insured. Ankur has tie-ups with a few medical institutions to take care of regular check ups,immunizations, trauma care and other medical emergencies,where the facilities are provided free or at cost. These include:

(The medical history, immunizations and growth charts of all the children are maintained)


A healthy diet, planned by a trained nutritionist, is cooked in the canteen on the premises, and served in the dining hall.


The staff team comprises boarding-in-charges, teachers, assistant boarding-in-charges, housemothers and their assistants (akkas), administrative staff and nurses. The staff cares for the children and looks after all their needs. The nurses assist with all medical needs of the children, and a doctor is on call in case of emergencies.


Process driven and transparent

Ankur makes a difference by being a professionally run organization with regular meetings to plan ahead. All processes are well documented with charts, forms and checklists and all monetary transactions audited. Detailed files are maintained for the academic, medical and extra-curricular records of each child, along with behavioral patterns, photographs and dashboard reports.