Helping them grow as individuals

We look at the all-round development of the child at Ankur. Hence, we not only provide them the strong foundation laid by academics but also give them the freedom to explore and develop themselves through sports and extracurricular activities.


At Ankur our wish is to see our children integrated seamlessly into society. And that begins with academics. To make the whole process of learning a joyful one, the children at Ankur attend classes at The Samhita Academy, the English-medium school set up by Advaith Foundation in the same campus. The children from Ankur are on par with the fee-paying students of the school.
Initially the children are coached to ensure they are ready for formal schooling. After admission, they are tutored though remedial classes and special coaching to bring them up to speed with their peers. This one-on-one attention is provided by the resident teachers, house mothers, tuition teachers and volunteers after school hours.


Physical exercise and sports activities are encouraged to ensure the child’s development. A network of professionals work along with volunteers to organise these activities on a regular basis in the evenings and on holidays.


Children from Ankur are provided the same opportunities and extra-curricular activities available to fee-paying, upper middle class students of The Samhita Academy. Also volunteers play a big role in introducing the children to happy new experiences.


Efforts are made to preserve the cultural heritage of the children. Festivals are celebrated in the hostel. Equal importance is given to all religions and children are free to follow the faith of their parents. Morals and values are taught through stories. Plays enacted by the residential staff at the weekly programmes in the recreation centre reinforce these values in an atmosphere of fun.